There have been many recent studies that show that cannabidiol (CBD) has many positive benefits when used to treat epilepsy in children. Research on the benefits of CBD is not widespread due to the legality of marijuana under federal law but things seem to be changing. There are many anti-epileptic drugs on the market but routine seizures are still an issue but the CBD found in extracts has shown amazing results that is sparking more research.


Cannabidiol has been used for medical treatment in Colorado for quite some time but only recently have studies been conducted on cbd treatment for epileptic seizures. In late 2013, a story about a young child in Colorado broke that brought national attention to positive effects of CBD. Charlotte Figi has Dravet Syndrome and suffers from epileptic seizures regularly but the frequency dropped significantly after CBD treatment. Charlotte was given a medication called Charlotte’s Web that was made using CBD extracted from a marijuana strain with high levels of cannabidiol.

The success in Charlotte Figi’s case prompted more research and The Realm Of Caring Foundation (makers of Charlotte’s Web) began prescribing the CBD treatment to other children. An overwhelming majority (23 out of 27) children that used Charlotte’s Web experienced half the amount of seizures than before. There still needs to be further testing on the benefits of CBD in epilepsy treatment but early indications are looking positive.

According to the Realm Of Caring Foundation, there are nearly 200 child and roughly 30 adults who are currently taking the Charlotte’s Web cannabidiol treatment. There is a long waiting list for the treatment and it is only available in certain states that have decriminalized laws. With the well noted benefits of CBD coming out of Colorado, it is only a matter of time before more thorough research is conducted and CBD treatments become available in more states across the country.


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