The benefits of CBD have only been known recently due to a major focus on other cannabinoids. However, recent research has shown that CBD can be an effective treatment for many kinds of pain. Other cannabinoids have medical value but are often associated with side effects such as anxiety, reduced short term memory, and intoxication or sedation. When used alone for pain treatment, CBD doesn’t have significant benefits but the effects are substantial when combined with other cannabinoids. CBD can reduce the risks of side effects from other cannabinoids and works well in conjunction with those cannabinoids for natural pain relief.


Opioid painkillers are commonly prescribed to treat pain and while some may be effective, there are risks for side effects, addiction, and abuse. CBD is an analgesic that is steroid free and anti-inflammatory with extremely mild side effects in comparison to many painkillers on the market.

Many people suffering with chronic pain have already been using painkillers and they have diminishing effects over time. There are studies that show that CBD and other cannabinoids have been effective in treating cancer patients with a built up resistance to traditional pain medication. Inflammatory pain has been treated effectively with CBD as well and some studies have shown that CBD may be more effective at treating inflammatory pain than traditional medication. CBD has made significant grounds in regards to the side effects and pain associated with chemotherapy treatment. CBD can help alleviate the pain from chemotherapy and allow cancer patients to live a better quality of life during their cancer treatment.


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