Medical Evaluation and Prescription Process

Medical Marijuana Card Florida

CBD-DOCS independent licensed physicians are dedicated, caring, and capable professionals working to protect and improve their patients’ health. CBD-DOCS Physicians are committed to pursuing excellence in patient care and treatment while abiding by all laws in the State of Florida.

With CBD-DOCS physicians, you’ll experience full transparency with doctors recommending Florida Medical Marijuana Card to their patients. With our ratings, reviews, and full background information, you’ll find a CBD-DOCS physician in your area to fit your needs as a concerned patient.

Enjoy peace of mind by booking appointments with legitimate, board-certified Physicians who have passed our rigorous vetting and approval process. Pre-qualify for Florida Medical Card recommendations through our risk-free pre-qualification survey and see if you are eligible for Florida Medical Marijuana Card treatment in Florida. You can save time and money by completing the pre-qualification in advance before visiting one of our locations.

How to Get Medical Marijuana Card Florida?

Steps To Treatment

Step #1

Patients must first be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition.

It is the responsibility of the qualified ordering physician to follow the Florida constitution and statute, diagnose patients, and determine if medical marijuana is an appropriate treatment.

Patients and caregivers can now use the Florida Medical Card Qualified Ordering Physician Search tool to find a qualifying ordering physician by location and specialty. 

Step #2

Patients and their Caregivers will be entered into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry by their Qualified Physician.
Once entered into the Registry, your physician will provide your Patient ID Number. You will need this to apply for your required Registry Identification Card. Remember to provide your physician with your email address to receive important updates!

Step #3

Patients and their Caregivers will then apply for their Registry Identification Card. Patients and Caregivers may complete an electronic or paper identification application.
Please visit our Pre-Qualify page on our website to get started.
Step #4

Fill your order at one of the licensed Florida Medical Card Treatment Centers

Once your Identification Card application has been approved, you can contact one of the licensed Florida Medical Card centers and fill out the order.

Patients and caregivers may only fill orders for medical marijuana with one of the state’s approved Florida Medical Card centers. Florida Medical Card treatment centers may deliver medical marijuana to qualified patients and caregivers. Suppose you do not have a Florida Medical Marijuana Card treatment center in your city. In that case, you can still fill your order by contacting a Florida Medical Card center and arranging delivery.

For contact information on the currently licensed medical marijuana treatment centers, please visit our Florida Medical Card.

Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

Patient helpline:

If you have questions or need assistance, please Contact Us.

New Patients must complete the intake questionnaire before scheduling their first appointment. 

Payments and paper ID Card Applications should be mailed to:

Office of Medical Marijuana Use

PO Box 31313

Tampa, FL 33631-3313